Joe rogan net worth

Joe rogan net worth – All You need to know about the famous comedian

One of the hardest professions is comedy. It is never easy to crack a joke and see others forget their worries and that is the area Joe Rogan chooses to flex his muscle. This page will reveal to you Joe Rogan net worth, lifestyle, and some other things you need to know about him.

Who is Joe Rogan?

Joe rogan net worth

For those who are hearing this for the first time, Joe is one of the famous comedian, actor, martial arts experts, and UFC commentator. He is an American and he came to limelight as a cast member of the comedy series news radio.

Thereafter, he went on to host the well-known reality show fear factor comedy central the man show. Since he has become famous and he is known globally. He worth close to $50 million in net worth and now, he operates one of the most successful and powerful podcasts in the world and operates as a commentator for UFC.

Joe Rogan Biography

Joe rogan net worth

Joe Rogan was born on August 11, 1967.  He began a career in comedy in August 1988 in the Boston area. He then relocated to Los Angeles in 1994 and it was there he signed an exclusive developmental deal with Disney and appeared as an actor on several television shows including NewsRadio and Hardball.

It was in the year 1997 that he started working for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) as an interviewer and color commentator. He released his first comedy special in 2000 and in the year 2001, Joe Rogan pauses his comedy career after becoming the host of Fear Factor and resumes back shortly after the show’s end in 2006.

Early Life of Joe Rogan

Joseph James Rogan was born on August 11, 1967, in Newark, New Jersey. Joe is three-quarters Italian and one-quarter Irish. Joe’s father work as a police officer in Newark .  His parents have an issue which later led to divorce when he was five and Joe has not had contact with his father since he was seven.

Joe confirms memories of domestic violence in his home. It was when he was seven years that his family moved to San Francisco. His family later settled in Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts when he was 11.

At 14 Rogan took up karate and taekwondo at 15 years. He then attended Newton South High School and graduated in the year 1985. When Joe was 19 years old, he won the U.S. Open Championship taekwondo tournament as a lightweight.

Also, Joe Rogan enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Unfortunately, he dropped out before graduation. At 24 Joe moved to New York City.

Joe rogan wife and kids

This page will be incomplete without giving you information on his wife and kids. So, below are things you need to know from his wife to his kids.

Joe rogan wife

Joe rogan net worth

Joe Rogan is not the kind that will talk socially about his marital life. The name of his wife is Jessica Rogan. She invested in show business herself which make her wealthy and independent.

She is also known for working on both television and stand-up comedy sets. Also, she played the role of an assistant producer on the documentary Hollywood and Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed and also on about 15 episodes of The Simpsons.

Without a doubt, Jessica Rogan is a hustler and she is known for her willingness to contribute and support her husband. Before she got known in show business, she worked as a cocktail waitress and a model.

Joe and Jessica started dating in the year 2008, and they got wedded in 2009. The two have enjoyed their union with no regret and there have never been any reports of major scandals, infidelities, or any other marital drama in the news.

Joe rogan kids

Joe rogan net worth

Joe and Jessica Rogan are blessed with wonderful kids. Both welcomed their first daughter into the world in 2008. Also, in 2010 they were blessed with another daughter.  Jessica had a daughter from her previous relationship, and Joe was glad to take up the responsibility of a step-father.


Joe Rogan’s Height

5ft 7 (170.2 cm)

Joe Rogan is so short. He is 5ft 7 in.

Joe Rogan Career

1988–1994: Early stand-up career

I didn’t have a direction regarding my career until I became a stand-up comedian. I was pretty nervous about what the future holds for me. I couldn’t imagine myself working a 9-to-5 job.

—Rogan on his career.

There was never an intention of being a professional stand-up comedian as all he ever dreamt of was to become a kickboxer. Joe loves comedy as a youngster and his parents often took comedy shows and one of the prominent was Richard Pryor’s film Live on the Sunset Strip, which affected Joe in such a profound way.

Nothing can be compared with inert ability. His friends do advise him to have a go at stand up comedy as he finds it so easy to crack jokes and do different kinds of impressions to make them laugh.

At age 21, after several months of preparation and practices,  Joe performed his first stand-up routine on August 27, 1988, during an open-mic night at a Stitches comedy club in Boston.

Rogan took up several jobs while pursuing his career as a comedian to secure himself financially by getting involved in martial arts lecturing at Boston University. He also engages himself in construction work and many more.

Due to his exploits, Jeff Sussman became his manager. In the year 1990, Rogan moved to New York City to give his whole time to comedy. Due to a lack of funds at that time, he stayed with his grandfather in Newark for the first six months.

1994–1999: Hardball and NewsRadio

In 1994, Rogan migrated to Los Angeles where his first national TV spot followed on the MTV parody show Half-Hour Comedy Hour. The appearance prompted the company to offer him a three-year selective agreement and a job in a pilot scene of a “dopey game show” for $500.

Rogan declined, however, it incited Sussman to send tapes of Rogan’s exhibitions to a few systems which started an offering war. After a time of exchange, Rogan acknowledged an improvement to manage Disney arrange.

He made sure about his first significant acting job in the 1994 nine-scene Fox sitcom Hardball as Frank Valente, a youthful, inner self-driven headliner on an expert baseball crew.

Rogan called the recruiting procedure “odd”, as the system had no clue on the off chance that he could act until he was asked by Dean Valentine, at that point leader of Walt Disney Television, to which he answered: “On the off chance that you can lie, you can act, and on the off chance that you can deceive insane sweethearts, you can act under tension.

The recording plan was another experience for Rogan, who began to work 12-hour days and among individuals. Rogan later stated: “It was an incredible show on paper until a ghastly official maker with a major self-image was recruited by Fox to manage everything and he re-composed it.

Around this time, Rogan started performing at The Comedy Store in Hollywood and turned into a paid customary by owner Mitzi Shore. He performed at the club for the following 13 years for nothing and paid for the setting’s new solid framework.

From 1995 to 1999, Rogan featured in the NBC sitcom NewsRadio as Joe Garrelli, a circuit tester and jack of all trades at the show’s anecdotal news radio broadcast. The job was initially set to be played by actor Ray Romano; Romano was relieved from the cast after one practice, and Rogan was acquired.

The switch caused Rogan to work with the demonstrate’s scholars to help build up the character before the demonstrate was set to dispatch, which he later portrayed as a “very impaired, controlled adaptation” of himself.

Rogan becomes a close acquaintance with individual cast member Phil Hartman who trusted his conjugal issues to him. Rogan guaranteed he attempted to convince Hartman to separate from his significant other multiple times, yet “he cherished his children and would not like to leave”.

In 1998, Hartman was killed by his significant other. The misfortune influenced Rogan’s capacity to perform stand-up, and he dropped seven days of planned gigs. Rogan later considered acting to be a simple activity, yet became burnt out on “playing a similar character each week”, and just did as such for the cash.

He later saw his time on NewsRadio as “a fantasy gig” that permitted him to procure cash while taking a shot at his stand-up as regularly as could be expected under the circumstances. During the arrangement, he took a shot at a pilot for a show entitled Overseas.

1997–2006: UFC commentator and Fear Factor

Rogan started working for the martial arts advancement Ultimate Fighting Championship as a behind the stage and post-battle questioner; his first show occurred at UFC 12: Judgment Day in Dothan, Alabama on February 7, 1997.

He got inspired by Brazilian jiu-jitsu in 1994 after watching Royce Gracie fight at UFC 2: No Way Out, and handled the situation at the association as Sussman was companions with its co-maker and unique producer, Campbell McLaren.

He quit after around two years as his pay couldn’t take care of the expense of going to the occasions, which were in progressively country areas at that point.

After the UFC was taken over by Zuffa in 2001, Rogan went to certain occasions and became companions with its new president Dana White, who extended to him an employment opportunity as a shading analyst however Rogan at first declined as he “simply needed to go to the battles and drink”.

In 2002, White had the option to employ Rogan for nothing in return for prime occasion tickets for him and his companions. After around fifteen free gigs as pundit Rogan acknowledged compensation for the activity, working alongside Mike Goldberg until the finish of 2016.

Rogan won the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Award for Best Television Announcer twice, and was named MMA Personality of the Year multiple times by the World MMA Awards.

In 1999, Rogan made sure about a three-collection manage Warner Bros. Records and started conditional designs to star in his own prime-time TV sitcom on Fox named The Joe Rogan Show. The show, co-composed by Seinfeld writer Bill Masters, was to include Rogan as “a second-string sportscaster who handles a spot as the token male on a View-style ladies’ show”.

In December 1999, he recorded his first stand-up parody collection in quite a while at the Comedy Connection at Faneuil Hall in Boston, which was discharged as I’m Gonna Be Dead Some Day… in August 2000. It got a national introduction on The Howard Stern Show and downloads from Napster. “Voodoo Punanny”, a melody Rogan composed after Warner recommended to create a tune they could play on the radio, was consequently discharged as a solitary.

Around this time, Rogan additionally took a shot at thoughts for a film and an animation with his comic companion Chris McGuire, and started to work a blog on his site,, which he used to talk about different themes that helped him build up his exceptional schedules.

In 2001, advancement on Rogan’s TV program was hindered after he acknowledged a proposal from NBC to have the American release of Fear Factor. He declined at first as he suspected the system would not air such a program because of its substance, however, Sussman persuaded him to acknowledge.

Rogan later said that he acknowledged, for the most part, to acquire perceptions and stories for his exceptional parody. The show expanded Rogan’s national presentation which made turnouts at his high-quality gigs grow. Fear Factor ran for an underlying six seasons from 2001 to 2006.

Rogan’s job as host of Fear Factor led to facilitate TV openings. In 2002, he showed up on the scene “A Beautiful Mind” of Just Shoot Me as Chris, the sweetheart of lead character Maya Gallo. In December 2002, Rogan was the emcee for the 2002 Blockbuster Hollywood Spectacular, a Christmas march in Hollywood.

In February 2003, Rogan turned into the new co-have of The Man Show on Comedy Central for its fifth season from August 2003, with individual comedian Doug Stanhope, following the takeoff of unique hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla.

A year into the show, nonetheless, the hosts entered conflicts with Comedy Central and the show’s makers over substance. Rogan reviewed: “I was a little deceived … I was told: ‘Show nakedness, and we’ll obscure it out.

Swear and we’ll bleep it out.’ That hasn’t been the situation”. The show finished in 2004. Around this time Rogan entered converses with having his own radio show, yet they came to nothing because of his effectively bustling timetable.

Joe Rogan Podcast and recent career


Rogan facilitated fleeting CBS show Game Show in My Head that disclosed for eight scenes in January 2009 and delivered by Ashton Kutcher. The show included contenders who attempt to persuade individuals to perform or partake in progressively odd circumstances for cash. He consented to have the show as the thought fascinated him, calling it “a totally careless type of diversion”.

In December 2009, Rogan propelled a free digital broadcast with his companion and individual comic Brian Redban. The main scene was recorded on December 24 and was at first a live week by week communicate on Ustream, with Rogan and Redban “sitting before PCs bullshitting”.

By August 2010, the digital recording was named The Joe Rogan Experience and entered the rundown of Top 100 webcasts on iTunes, and in 2011, was gotten by SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

The digital recording highlights a variety of visitors who examine recent developments, political perspectives, reasoning, parody, pastimes, and various different points. In January 2015, the digital recording was downloaded more than 11 million times. By October that year, the digital recording was downloaded 16 million times every month, making it one of the most mainstream free web recordings.

Career Highlights

Here are some of the best highlights of Joe Rogan’s career:

  • Began stand-up career (1988)
  • Played Frank Valente in Hardball (1994)
  • Played Joe Garrelli in NewsRadio (1995-1999)
  • Interviewer & color commentator for the UFC (1997-present)
  • Hosted Fear Factor (from 2001)
  • Hosted Late Friday (2001-2002)
  • The Joe Rogan Experience (2009)
  • UFC Ultimate Insider (2013)

Joe Regan Networth 

Joe Rogan net worth




Year Title Role Notes
1994 Hardball Frank Valente
1995–1999 NewsRadio Joe Garrelli
1996 MADtv Himself, guest appearance Season 2, Episode 7
1997 Bruce Testones, Fashion Photographer Writer, himself
1997–present Ultimate Fighting Championship Interviewer (1997–2002)
Color commentator (2002–present)
2001–2002 Late Friday Host
2001–2006; 2011–2012 Fear Factor Host
2002 Just Shoot Me! Chris “A Beautiful Mind”
2003 Good Morning, Miami Himself Season 1, Episode 17: “Fear and Loathing in Miami”
2003–2004 The Man Show Himself Host
2003–2004 Chappelle’s Show Himself Season 1, Episode 4
Season 2, Episode 12
2003–2007 Last Comic Standing Celebrity talent scout
2005–2008 The Ultimate Fighter Announcer
2006 Inside the UFC Host
2007–2009 UFC Wired Host
2009 Game Show in My Head Host
2012–2013 UFC Ultimate Insider Himself
2013 Joe Rogan Questions Everything Host
2015 Silicon Valley Himself Season 2, Episode 6: “Homicide”

Feature films and documentaries

Year Title Role
2002 It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie Himself, cameo
2007 The Union: The Business Behind Getting High Himself
2007 American Drug War: The Last White Hope Himself
2010 DMT: The Spirit Molecule Himself
2010 Venus & Vegas Richie
2011 Zookeeper Gale
2012 Here Comes the Boom Himself
2017 Bright Himself

Comedy specials

Year Title Format
2000 I’m Gonna Be Dead Someday … CD
2000 “Voodoo Punanny” CD single
2001 Live from the Belly of the Beast DVD
2006 Joe Rogan: Live DVD
2007 Shiny Happy Jihad CD
2010 Talking Monkeys in Space CD, DVD
2012 Live from the Tabernacle Online
2014 Rocky Mountain High Comedy Central special, online
2016 Triggered Netflix
2018 Strange Times Netflix

Video games

Year Title Role
2014 EA Sports UFC Himself
2016 EA Sports UFC 2 Himself
2018 EA Sports UFC 3 Himself



  • Teen Choice Award

    • Choice TV Reality/Variety Host for Fear Factor (2003, Nominated)

World MMA Awards

    • 2011 MMA Personality of the Year
    • 2012 MMA Personality of the Year
    • 2014 MMA Personality of the Year
    • 2015 MMA Personality of the Year
    • 2016 MMA Personality of the Year
    • 2017 MMA Personality of the Year

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

    • 2010 Best Television Announcer
    • 2011 Best Television Announcer


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